Everything you see here grew out of my own desire to build a honda powered elise that would be faster and more reliable than what seemed was available on the market at the time, having worked my way through three Elise's in various states of tune (whilst retaining the original Rover K series) I decided it was time to go Honda. 

It helped that I knew the very clever chap that runs Clockwise Motion who gave me lots of help and advice over the 8 months it took me to build my own Honda Powered Elise, seen here enjoying a track day at Oulton Park in the wet.

Over the years i've done odd jobs for people on their cars and have often been asked why I didn't do it for a living. I always used to reply by saying that I probably wouldn't enjoy it if I did it as a job, as it seemed like the right answer. The more years I spent sat behind my desk in the office the more I realised that was nonsense, that in fact i'd like nothing more than to play with cars every day of the week, so I gave up a pretty good job to do something I really wanted to do and that, as they say, was that.