Exciting times ahead...

It's been a busy few weeks for me, I decided to end my contract role of the last 8 months with JaguarLandRover to concentrate on my business. Even with the best will in the world I just wasn't able to achieve what I needed to by only working evenings and weekends, it wasn't even a case of not putting the time in as I regularly worked past midnight, the issue was all of my suppliers were at home watching eastenders or corrie, so if I needed something in a hurry it just wasn't going to happen.  

Thankfully that's no longer an issue, now all I need to worry about is earning enough money to pay the rent, which based on current performance means I should be homeless in about three weeks. 

I've been working on a really nice S2 lately, converting it to Honda power and throwing in a full suspension refresh while I was at it, this one should be out the door in a week if I'm to keep a roof over my head.