Drive in drive out Honda conversion

Intended to be the ultimate honda conversion, the fixtures and fittings used are the same no matter what power output you decide on. The kit is designed to accommodate any future upgrades, engines of any output are simply plug and play.

As a rule I don't fit second hand engines although i'm happy to fit an engine you supply if you're happy with it. Ebay is littered with 50,000 mile K20's in perfect condition and yet there doesn't seem to be a single civic type R with less than 100,000 miles that hasn't been thrashed to within an inch of its life, so where these engines come from is beyond me. 

Whats included:

  • Rebuilt 2l K20 with all new oem Honda internals and balanced bottom end 
  • Rebuilt K20 6 speed gearbox with new oem Honda bearings and seals 
  • T45 and aerospace carbon steel engine mounts for extreme strength and lightness
  • Ultra high strength steel drive shafts (and drive flanges on S1 to use Honda Outer CV's) with new CV joints
  • Bespoke engine wiring loom - plug and play
  • EFI Euro 2 ecu 
  • Upgraded Spitfire Engineering fuel pump
  • Billet fuel rail and fittings, fuel pressure regulator, new fuel filter and goodridge fuel lines
  • Cleaned and matched honda injectors
  • Wideband lambda 
  • 2bular exhauast manifold 
  • Latest 2-11 gear shifter / handbrake mech and cables (direct connection to gearbox, no extra linkages)
  • New silicon hoses
  • Billet header tank bracket
  • Billet coolant temp sender adapter
  • New foam air filter
  • Speedo correction reluctor ring S1 only (S2 retains original Rover ECU to send speed signal to dash)
  • Running in and rolling road tuning for each car - no generic maps