S1 2.2 monster

Built to be the ultimate track day toy, this car is a no compromise, no holds barred example of just how fast you can make an elise. With over 300hp, 212lb ft of torque and weighing under 730 kilos with a full tank of fuel its every bit as fast as you might imagine.


With a billet crank, rods and forged pistons, ported head and big valves, billet throttle bodies and over the top exhaust manifold this motor has all the performance you could ever need.

138hp per litre and 97lb ft per litre make this engine especially impressive.

A full suspension refresh was carried out during the build to ensure the rest of the car could keep up.

The interior was overhauled with carbon seats, exposed gearshift and controls for the plumbed in fire extinguisher and electric water pump controller within reach.

Clean, no fuss look from the outside doesn’t betray the potential lurking beneath.