The original electroplated steel wishbones as fitted to all of the elise and exige variants are prone to corrosion and more often that not look like a rusty brown mess. One of our specialities here at HPE is a comprehensive overhaul of the suspension which not only protects it for years to come but also looks great!


We start by fully dismantling the suspension. The wishbones, uprights, anti roll bar, damper mounts and toe links are removed. 

The wishbones are stripped of all bushes and ball joints. Wheel bearings are removed from uprights and then everything gets shot blasted and powder coated in a colour (or colours) of your choice. 



After returning from powder coating the wishbones are rebuilt with new ball joints and your choice of either bushes or spherical bearings. New anti roll bar bushes, drop links, track rod ends and wheel bearings (where applicable) are fitted and everything is rebuilt onto the car. 

Once assembled and back on its wheels a full corner weight and geo is carried out prior to completion. 

Various options are available when carrying out a suspension refresh, one of which is the choice of toe links. If you are considering replacing the oem setup, which is especially advisable if you are considering track days and sticky tyres, we recommend and supply Spitfire engineering toe links as are they are simply the best money can buy. 

Prices for a full suspension refresh start at £850+vat

please call us to discuss your requirements