Sport 160 upgrade package

For several years now HPE have been working extensively with EFI engine control units (ECU) and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience after investing heavily in the hardware and software required to map all EFI ecu's. 

 If you own an original WVTA series 1 Sport 160 you may already know that it was fitted with an EFI ecu from the factory, which means we can properly remap the car, rather than just 'flash' a generic map to it. Coupled with a set of Piper vernier cam wheels we have seen some really excellent results. 


+8lb ft Peak torque

By fitting the vernier cam wheels and correctly setting the cam timing, coupled with a proper remap, we were able to find an additional 8lb ft of peak torque and at some points up to 15lb ft more than the oem setup. 

This increase in torque is what you feel when you drive the car, its a healthy increase in twisting force throughout the part of the rev range that you use most, whether your going shopping or out for a spirited drive in the countryside, you'll notice how much more urgent the car feels. 


+5hp throughout the rev range

Peak horsepower figures never tell the whole picture, in fact anyone who boldly promises to get you 10, 15 or 20% more peak power should be questioned with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Without going too deeply into the fundamentals of engine tuning, generally there will be a given area available under the curve (be that power or torque) and once optimised its just not possible to increase one end without affecting the other. Want peak horsepower figures? OK, but you're going to sacrifice mid range performance.

So we're especially pleased that we were able to get the most out of the Sport 160 package by optimising it throughout the rev range, picking up a lot more power and torque and not losing any peak power, well....half a horsepower, but we can live with that. 


The cost for the full package is £895

This includes a power run 'before'.

Supply and fit a pair of Piper vernier cam gears. 

Setting cam timing

Rolling road tuning and final power runs